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Whistleblower Ethics

The ethics of whistleblowing involves determining and understanding the proper ethical behavior of an employer to its employee, an employer to the law and outside regulations, or staff of the employer to internal rules and regulations set forth by the particular business or organization. It also involves understanding the relationship between the employee and the employer and the obligation that the employee is under to uphold a set of moral and legal standards outside of the company’s jurisdiction. Another facet of whistleblowing ethics involves proper conduct between the whistleblower and other employees and management staff of the business entity in question.

Fear of Retaliation

Ethical government and business organizations understand the important role whistleblowers play in maintaining that business’s or organization’s integrity. However, many times a whistleblower can find himself or herself at the receiving end of hostile behavior from his or her management and fellow staff members. Most whistleblowers would rather not be in the position they find themselves in. In fact, many people who see unethical behavior often do not report it for fear of the negative repercussions they may face from their place of employment or coworkers.

Ethical and Financial Reward

Although the whistleblower may be compensated for exposing a wrong, this is not generally the motivation of a whistleblower. The price of alienation is potential job loss, and negative stress is usually too high of a price to pay for whatever compensation may be legally awarded to the whistleblower. A whistleblower usually exposes something that is wrong because he or she finds himself or herself in the position of not being able to consciously overlook unethical behavior.

The positive role whistleblowers play in being guardians of an organization’s moral standards is well-documented and is particularly valued by various advocacy and consumer protection agencies. These special interest and protective agencies often view the whistleblower as a societal asset who is greatly underappreciated.

Legal Resources

When fraudulent behavior is stopped, everyone benefits. The government and, by extension, society is saved billions of dollars. If you have followed your conscience in upholding what is moral and ethical and should find yourself in the position of whistleblower, know that you have legal recourse to obtain fair compensation. Claims filed by a competent attorney can result in the whistleblower being awarded up to twenty five percent of what the government recovers from an organization that has behaved fraudulently.

When a whistleblower is embroiled in a case, he or she may be too overwhelmed to think about proper compensation for the stress and lost income that often results. If you find yourself in this position, a lawyer specializing in whistleblowing cases can handle every aspect of your case. Contact us confidentially today to see how our qualified lawyers can help you.

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